Predictive expenses management.

Increase the margins of your business, optimizing your recurring spending.

All In One

All your finance, banks, payment accounts, credit cards, analytics, statements, cardholders and teams in one place.

Real-Time Tracking

Manage your money and teams in real-time, never miss crucial events, react on time and make the right decisions to boost your business.


Be always aware of overcharges, hidden payments, budget limits, if you pay for unwanted services, about all critical spends and income.


Set up a reminder so that you don't miss out on vital events or critical payments to ensure your company is working reliably.


Conveniently track how cardholders manage finance inside your company through collaboration and monitoring tools.


We bring together everything from predictive expenses management to analytics and more. It’s your financial activities in one place that’s easy to understand.


We've designed Melt for the next generation of newcomers and experts alike to understand how to bring your business to its most efficient state.


Enable collaboration and streamline workflow. Melt for Teams is a single workspace for your company or team.


Everything you need to manage cardholders activity, to monitor workflow, and collaborate. Work better and safer together.

Recurring Payments

While in accounting software expenses are managed mainly manually, Melt adds intelligence and automation to take care of your spending, so you can track it, control and optimize.

SaaS Subscriptions

Businesses lose up to thirtyfive percent of monthly recurring spending. Use Melt to control SaaS subscriptions while establishing better recurring spend practices.


Download statements of different bank accounts in one place as of the end of each month or the reporting period.

Optimizing expenses.

Melt is the advanced expenses manager. While in accounting software expenses are managed mainly manually, Melt adds intelligence and automation to take care of your spending, so you can track it, control and optimize.

Using Melt simplified an expenses management process across all our departments. Its saving time on coordinating and categorizing expenses. I do not need anymore catching cardholders all the time; I bet you understand... It's all happens in the realtime and automated. Yes, Melt!

Basil from SmartCloud Connect

Subscribe for free.

We've created the one-click solution, like automatic subscription management, and hundreds of service providers so that you can manage all in one place including all your recurring spending and payment methods.

Thanks to our move to Melt, I'm happy to report that as a service and company, Sure Filter operates fully in the cloud, and we can find and control all our subscriptions and recurring transactions. Now that the Sure Filter team is hooked on Melt, none of us can imagine life without it.

Elena from Sure Filter

Manage payments.

We believe that the subscription and recurring spending practices should help businesses being great at what they do but in transparent and straightforward ways.

We've cut the barriers that make other service providers costly, like manual payment and subscription management and hundreds of cloud solutions so that we can offer best deals.

Melt is a simple solution in many ways, but the features are actually very sophisticated, enabling us to surround our spending practices with the right tools to connect people.

Vlad from Invisible CRM

No manual needed.

We've designed Melt from the ground up for the next generation of newcomers and experts alike to understand how money flows out of your accounts and to make you more aware of how to bring your business to its most efficient state.

It's fast, dead simple and just works making recurring spending efficient, transparent and easy to manage.

Melt has enabled me to have a solution to manage my recurring payments that otherwise would have been very difficult to control. Because I have Melt, my culture of monthly spending is healthier than what it might have been otherwise.

Artem from BHP Billiton

Optimize by analytics.

Every month, our bank accounts and credit cards are paying out for subscriptions, online SaaS services, insurance, leases, software and more.

Are you sure you're only paying for services and products you need? Businesses lose up to thirty-five percent of monthly recurring spending. Is yours one of them?

Yes, absolutely this can be an issue, and I see it all the time. E.g., a new R&D project manager comes on board and procures some license; he thinks it will help reduce project time, or whatever. In ten months this person leaves and new project manager does not use it, or may not even be aware that such tool exists.

Alex from Compass Financial

Bank-level security.

Security is essential to everything we do. We take security seriously here at Melt, and we are proud to match the industry standard when it comes to protecting your data.

Melt integrated with Plaid, which means data in your account protected. For details, please see API information by our partner

In early 2016, we founded Melt and integrated with leading financial institutions and service providers. We strive to provide our customers with reliable and secure services for spending optimization, to ensure interaction with suppliers and timely delivery of the best deals for your business.

Melt is designed to help businesses and people to find, track, and manage paid subscriptions, recurring bills, and monthly expenses. What we found was that existing services barely provide tools to control and optimize recurring spending. Most solutions don’t allow clients to manage paid subscriptions efficiently, and more importantly, they offer no opportunity to streamline costs and to interact not only with suppliers and providers but also with their competitors to get the best offers.

We want you to focus on being great at what you do, and help you get what you need. You shouldn’t be worrying about improper payments, unwanted subscriptions, poor services, or wasting time. Melt is the best there is. If you have any questions or feedback, contact us at Our team of experts is ready and waiting to assist you.

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