It's a foundation for the best spending practices

Melt designed to understand how money flows out of your company and to make you more aware how to bring your business to the efficient state.

It simplifies controlling

Melt brings all your payment accounts and recurring spending together, giving your team a shared workspace where payments are organized and under controlled. Take control of all your payment methods, manage recurring spending, get better deals or cancel unexpected bills or unwanted services.

It helps businesses find the answers they need

Every month, our bank accounts and credit cards are paying out for subscriptions, online SaaS services, insurance, leases, software and more. Are you sure you only pay for services and products you need? Businesses are losing up to 40% of monthly recurring spending.

It consolidates your spending processes

Melt integrates with nearly every banks and financial institution available; it's more than 1,500 companies. Adding all your payment accounts to Melt keeps your business coordinated across all departments and payment methods, and working faster, transparent and efficient.

All of your subscriptions in one place

Melt’s growing platform helps you integrate monthly expenses and all payment accounts in one place, managing a team or reporting about new paid subscriptions or auto charges, hidden fees, overcharges, unexpected bills or unwanted services or even about better deals.

Security at Melt

Security is essential to everything we do. We take security seriously here at Melt, and we are proud to match the industry standard when it comes to protecting your organization. Communication between Melt infrastructure and financial institutions transmit over encrypted tunnels. All client communication with Melt utilizes cryptographically hashed headers and timestamps to verify authenticity. It's the same protocol used by Citi, Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Stripe, American Express, Capital One, US Bank and other financial institutions.

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Curious how Melt works for large organizations?

With custom functionality, advanced features and additional security, compliance, and administrative features, Melt Enterprise brings the power of Melt One to large, complex businesses.


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