Everything you need to manage your recurring spending

Join companies that trust Melt Business with their work, and help your team optimize spending, get best deals and do more together.

Make Melt your enterprise subscription management solution. Top companies are already using with Melt, making it their solution where spend reduces. To date, more than 1,500 financial institutions and banks have integrated with Melt.

Budget holder lists

Use our Team feature to create and manage budget holders within your Melt account. Give employees access to payment accounts, assign budget holders with just a few clicks and control all payments.

Centralized billing

Reduce a budget spent on expenses with a centralized dashboard. You can give each employee their own Melt Business account, and monitory for everything in one place. Keep your team productive and your data safe.

Control all payment accounts

Conveniently track how paid subscriptions are managed by individuals inside your company through a subscription monitoring tool. Perform targeted investigations with refined filtering and a centralized Team board.

Find all subscriptions across your company

Payments monitoring, direct transaction sharing, and spending-focused channels work across your entire company, enabling management to find the information and people they need to understand recurring spend processes.

With Melt, your data is protected on all levels. In one place, you can manage all your recurring monthly expenses and paid subscriptions, policy, and compliance across all company. For additional control, you can also tailor access permission and security features for your team members.

Curious how Melt works for large organizations?

With custom functionality, advanced features and additional security, compliance, and administrative features, Melt Enterprise brings the power of Melt One to large, complex businesses.


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